CorelDRAW Guide

Download CorelDRAW Template File

Setup Document in mm

Draw a reference plane rectangle at 1:1 scale to match the size of the material in mm.
We recommend setting your document to 1300x900mm so you do not exceed the machines cutting area.
Leave a 5mm border as the laser cannot reach to the extreme edges of the cut bed.

Make Model to scale: 1:1 mm

Laser cutting Lines

Everything you want cut set the stroke colour to RED (255,0,0) and set line weight 0.01mm.
Place in a Layer called Cut.

Vector Engraving

Everything you want to vector engrave set stroke to colour BLUE (RGB 0,0,255) and set line weight 0.01mm.
Place in a layer called Vector engrave.

Raster Engraving

Everything you want raster engrave should be coloured BLACK (RGB 0,0,0) with a fill and stroke.
Set stroke weight to 0.4mm. Please separate.
To separate the fill and stroke: Select object>Object>Convert Outline to object.
Place in Layer called Raster Engrave.


Text to be cut or engraved which has a specific font must be converted to Curves to be vector engraved.
To do this:
>Select the text>Object>Convert to Curves.

Nesting components

When arranging several parts to be cut from a single piece; please ensure that there is at least a 2mm gap between each design. As a general rule the gap should be at least the thickness of the material e.g. on 3mm acrylic; the gap between each design is advised to be 3mm.

Join all vector lines

Please join all lines to make them continuous for laser cutting. This will help speed up laser cutting and make a smoother line.
To Join objects: Select both objects and use Combine command.
To Join nodes: Use the shape tool, click on a node and drag in onto another node. It will connect automatically or, Select both nodes and use join command.

Reduce the amount of points in your design

To reduce the amount of nodes in an object
>Use Select tool>Click drag select all nodes on object>Reduce Nodes will appear on top tool bar>Use slider to increase Curve smoothness.
Ensure there are no overlapping objects in your file as the laser cutter will cut the same path twice potentially destroying your design and the laser bed.

Save File: Select File>Save as.


Please use the following name format for your files: Your surname_material_colour_thickness_quantity.

e.g: Smith_Acrylic_Yellow_3mm_x5     

If you are sending several files cut from the same material add a letter to the end of file name:

e.g: Smith_Acrylic_Yellow_3mm_x5_A

(You can use you own naming system as long as you provide clear typed instructions)