Terms and Conditions


This website is published for the information of business clients and prospective clients of Cutlight. We do our best to ensure that the information on this website is accurate at all times, however we cannot guarantee the accuracy of that information and cannot be held liable for any use or reliance you may make on it.


Client – The person or persons listed on the quotation / purchase order
Seller/Company – Referred to as; We, Us, Our, Cutlight. Address: Junction Road, Co. Down, Northern Ireland
The Goods – All items and services provided by Cutlight as listed in the purchase order
The Job – The entirety of the materials, processes and other work involved in the production of the goods by Cutlight
Contract – The arrangement between Client and Company. Client orders / instructions should be confirmed in writing, whether by formal PO or email notification. The Formal Quotation will form the basis of the contractual obligation between the Client and the Company. It is the Clients responsibility to check the quotation carefully to ensure it complies with their requirements. The Formal Quotation supersedes any previous written or verbal communication.
Any requested amendments to a quotation or other instructions should be provided in writing, verbal instructions are subject to misinterpretation and are not valid or binding.
It is understood by the company, that in deciding to proceed with an order by written confirmation, is agreeing with the terms set out in this document
Purchase Order – the list of items and services to be provided by Cutlight according to the terms and conditions listed here


By placing an order with Cutlight you confirm that you are a) over 18 years of age and b) legally able to enter into a binding contract.

Supply of Goods

Cutlight shall provide the client with goods in accordance with Cutlight’s written quotation or invoice.

Service Summary

All laser cutting and engraving requires digital artwork, this should be provided by the Client to the specifications detailed in the Help section of our website.

Any advice given by Cutlight on the suitability of a material or process for a Job is strictly limited to its suitability for our working practices, but we will give this advice to the best of our abilities.

Cutlight shall not be liable for any defects arising from Client-provided specifications or materials. Cutlight shall not be liable for any defects arising from materials used for the goods. Cutlight shall pass on to the Client any warranty or guarantee provided by the materials manufacturer where applicable.​


Cutlight will provide the Client with a written quotation or purchase order for the goods. This price will be calculated to the best of our abilities based on the Client’s specifications and any materials or information supplied by the Client. The quotation will be applicable to the specification as agreed. Cutlight reserves the right, by giving written notice at any point prior to delivery of the goods, to charge the Client any extra costs incurred by the inaccuracy of Client-supplied information, or by factors outside Cutlight’s control which incur extra costs during the Job.

Any changes to the Job specification once the Job has commenced may be subject to additional costs or cancellation. No order may be cancelled without the written agreement of Cutlight, and on terms that the Client shall reimburse Cutlight for any costs and damages incurred by cancellation.

We accept no responsibility to provide services that are not specified on the Formal Quotation; i.e. carriage or post laser finishing work.

Appointments, consultation and laser testing work may be chargeable, along with nonattendance or late arrival resulting in losses to the Company.


Unless otherwise specified, cleared payments must be received before Goods can be collected or dispatched. If cleared payments are not received before scheduled completion of work, delivery / collection can be delayed.

Account invoices must be settled within 30 days of invoice date unless by prior agreement.

Cutlight reserves the right to charge interest of 5% above Bank of England base rate per month on late payments.

Cutlight may choose to require a deposit or stage payments on large orders. Deposits shall be non-refundable unless expressly stated otherwise.


Goods shall a) be collected from Cutlights premises by the Client or b) delivered to a place of the Client’s choosing using a postal or courier service agreed upon by Cutlight. Costs for delivery other than at Cutlights premises shall be at the Client’s expense. Cutlight will estimate postage costs where possible but these estimates shall not be binding unless agreed in writing by Cutlight.

Unless stated, delivery is not included and goods will be made available for client collection. If we arrange delivery, the delivery address and delivery charges will be stated on the Formal Quotation.

It is the Client’s responsibility to arrange for collection of Goods in a timely fashion. If Goods have not been collected after 7 days of completion, they may be subject to storage charges.

If Goods for collection have not been collected after 30 days, and no prior written arrangements are made, the Company is free to dispose of Goods and seek payment of unpaid invoices and any storage charges.

For the passing of risk, the Companies responsibility for accidental damage or destruction of Goods ends once the goods leave the company premises.
If Goods are damaged in transit, the Client should seek recompense from the carrier’s insurance. The Company will render whatever assistance is possible in this regard, including recutting lost or damaged parts on an urgent basis and at preferential rates, whenever possible.

Drawings and Artwork

If artwork is supplied in an incorrect format we may be required to amend drawings, which is a chargeable service. If no artwork is supplied, we may be required to create drawings, which is a chargeable service. Wherever possible, prior agreement on artwork / drawing charges will be sought in advance.

Drawing Specifications and any subsequent changes to drawing specifications should ideally be confirmed in writing, as we cannot be held responsible for misinterpretation of a Client’s verbal instructions.

Drawing work may be subject to cancellation or modification charges once work has commenced.

In some cases, drawings need to be produced before work can be accurately quoted, in these cases the Client may be liable for drawing charges even if the project does not proceed. We commit to providing a Formal Quotation for these drawing services prior to commencing.

It is Company policy to cut exactly to a Clients drawing, with no drawing modification (unless by prior arrangement). This includes offsetting lines to account for the reaction of materials to the laser process or the width of the laser cut.

If the Client is not confident of their drawings suitability for lasering, the Company can offer drawing evaluation and modification as additional services, which may be chargeable. Otherwise it will be assumed that our drawing guidelines have been followed and that the drawing is suitable for use.

Scaled and annotated engineering drawing are generally not acceptable, the lasers will read annotation as markings for engraving, 1:1 scaled, non-annotated, vector files are preferred.

The Company only commits to saving Client design files for the duration of the current project, should you like us to keep drawings on file for future use, please advise and arrangements will be made.


Cutlight warrants that the goods as delivered shall be free from defects in workmanship, shall be produced with skill and correspond to their specification as agreed. Cutlight shall bear no liability for any losses or damages incurred by the Client or any third party in connection with the goods.

Where a third party is involved in supply of the goods Cutlight shall bear no liability for defects, losses or damages that arise from the third party’s provisions and services.

Cutlight shall not be liable for any consequential losses that arise from failure to provide goods by a given date, or from goods not being up to standard or failing.

Intellectual Property

If the Client requests that we work with Copyrighted designs, owned by the Client or a 3rd party, it will be assumed that the Client has obtained and granted all relevant permissions, and the Company will not be liable for Copyright breach when acting on the Clients instructions.

The Client shall indemnify Cutlight against any loss, damages, expenses or other claims that may arise from infringing materials.

Any materials provided by the Client shall remain their intellectual property, and will be kept strictly confidential by Cutlight except for uses agreed on with express written consent form the Client.

Any design or product designed by the Company, remains the intellectual property of the Company regardless of whether it has been specifically protected by Copyright, Trade Marks, Patents, Design rights or Registered Designs, and can only be used under license with written permission from the Company and it licensors, all rights reserved.

The Company will make every reasonable effort to ensure that Client’s designs and communication are kept entirely confidential. Acting as if a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is in place, and in most case negating any requirement for additional NDA documentation to be signed.

Replacement and Refunds

A replacement will always be offered in the first instance if the error lies with the Company due to a fault on the machine, incorrect processing or wrong materials used. If a replacement isn’t possible and the fault is with the Company, a refund will be paid within 28 days of refund confirmation.

If a fault is due to unexpected results, file set up issue or unrealistic expectations, a cost for making changes and recutting will be passed on to the client. A refund will only be offered if the error is on the part of The Company

Force Majeure

Cutlight shall not be held liable for any failure to provide goods for reasons outside of Cutlights control. This may include, but is not limited to, fire, flood, government legislation, war, terrorist actions or lack of delivery from suppliers. During these periods Cutlight shall be released from contractual obligations until such time as Cutlight is able to resume normal business.


​English law shall apply to the Contract, and both Cutlight and the Client agree to submit to the jurisdiction of an English court. If any part of these terms and conditions are found to be invalid or unenforceable this shall not affect the remainder of the terms and conditions.