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File Setup

It is important to try and organise your file as simply as possible so we can clearly understand what you want. Below we have instructions for different software packages which help optimise your file for laser cutting.

Download Template files by selecting your software

If you do not own AutoCad, Illustrator or CorelDraw; we recommend you view the General instructions.

It’s not necessary to optimise your files but it may save you money


I can’t create vector designs, can you create them for me?

Yes we can create your vector files for you. You need to send us any sketches or mock-ups you have. Please provide all dimensions in mm.
We cannot recreate shapes from photographs of objects.

Where can i download a template file?

Go to the ‘File Setup’ Section on the ‘Help’ page. Select the Program you are going to use to to create you vector files. This will take you to a page that contains step by step instructions on how to setup your file.

The template download link will be at the top of that page.

What is kerf?

The amount of material burnt away during cutting is called the kerf.
Each material reacts differently to the lasers beam so there can be variations in the kerfs width.
We have included the kerf for each of our materials on the website although this is just a guide.

We recommend contacting us with the specifics of the material you want to cut for a more accurate kerf measurement.
Knowing the kerf of a material means you can alter the dimensions of your design accordingly.

Can you provide the materials for my project?

Yes we can. Any material shown in the material library can be provided by us at a very competitive rate.
All of our stock materials have been rigorously tested with the laser cutter and have very nice results.

Can I send you materials to laser cut/engrave?

Yes you can. We will receive the material and test how it cuts to find the best cutting parameters.
We will send you image samples for you to decide whether you want continue with your material.
We may have alternatives available as all our stock is laser friendly.

How large can you laser cut / engrave?

Our machine has a work surface area of 1300 x 900 mm. We can pass material through a space at the back of the machine so cutting/engraving sheets larger than 900 mm tall is possible. The maximum thickness of material we can place in our machine is 230mm.

All my designs don’t fit on a 1300x900mm artboard, what do I do?

The maximum cutting area of our machine is 1300×900 mm. Any one design must fit within this work area in order for our machine to cut it successfully. We recommend working on an artboard set at this size; so you know when any designs exceed these parameters.
If all your designs do not fit onto one artboard you can send multiple files, this is most simple and straight forward approach.
When sending multiple files for the same material; add a letter onto the end of the name .e.g.


I don’t know if I setup my files correctly, can you fix them?

Yes we will make sure your file is in setup correctly before continuing with your order if you ask us to. If we have any queries we will get in contact with you via email or phone. As long as your file is organised with appropriate layers it should be straight forward to interpret.
If you have no idea how to operate layers etc., we can help organise your file. Additional prep work will incur additional costs.

What type of files do I send?

Save your file in the appropriate format (see prepping files). You can send your files individually or compress them to a zip file.

  • You need to send your files preferably in these formats:
    Vector Files: .AI or EPS (illustrator), .DXF (Autocad), .CDR (Coraldraw), .SVG (Inkscape)
    Image Files: Grey scale image files at least 300 DPI sent as .jpeg, .tiff, .png or .psd (engraving only)
    Description: Email or word document
  • Try to separate your designs so there is one file per material.
    If you have nested designs within one file but need different quantities for each of them, add reference letters to your designs. (See Help> General Setup)
    If you are not sure you can send each file individually.
  • Attach word doc or email us with clear descriptions of what you want cut. The text should include the type of materials you want to use, thicknesses, quantities and deadline.

How do I send my files?

Click on the UPLOAD button at the top of the screen to take you to the upload page. Use the ‘Select Files’ button and choose your files for upload.
Use Wetransfer.com for files larger than 20mb.

Do you stock all the materials shown on the website?

We do not stock all the materials on the website. We do try to keep a good stock on most woods and acrylics.
Each material page has a section which shows if we stock the material or if we need to order it.

How do you post my designs? Will they be flat?

We arrange everything flat and try to ensure they will remain flat throughout postage.
We also put a thin layer of foam between each material inside the package to help ensure there is no damage during postage.

How do I pay?

After we send you a quote and you agree that you want to continue with the order; we will email you a Paypal invoice.
Click on the link and Paypal makes it very quick and easy.
You don’t need a Paypal account to pay. Paypal allows you to pay by entering your card details like any usual online payment.

No registering necessary.