Getting a Quote

Getting a quote is a very simple and straight forward process. Use our upload page to send us your files.
Files larger than 20mb can be uploaded through and sent to us at

Please be sure to send some text outlining your project, so we can clearly understand what you need.

Use for files larger than 20mb

Send to

Getting a Quote

Description of Project

Send us a Word doc or an email with the following details:

Materials, Thicknesses and Colour

Include in the description what materials, thickness and colours you want.


Please provide the quantity you need of each design. This is very important for an accurate quote.

Contact details

Please provide your contact details with your order including email address and telephone number.


We need to know your deadline so we can deliver your designs on time.

Delivery and Collection

Please provide you full delivery address.
You are welcome to collect from the workshop near Belfast.

Refer to help section to properly prep you files for Laser cutting


Pricing varies

The price to cut different materials and thicknesses varies. The laser cutter has to use more power on heavier and thicker materials, meaning a 9mm thick piece of acrylic will cost more to cut than a 3mm thick piece.

Laser processing time (Cutting and Engraving) £35 – Minimum charge.

Drawing Setup

If you have setup your drawing ready for laser cutting correctly using our prepping guidelines (Help Section) there will be no additional drawing charges.
Designs that need additional prep work to the file incur additional costs.

Drawing Service

If you require us to create the vector drawing for you, prices start at £40. The more complex the design the higher the cost. Tracing a PDF of a CAD drawing starts at £30.


The quote you receive will include the costs of the material. Please let us know if you plan to provide your own material so we can alter the quote.

Drawing Service

We offer a drawing service to anyone who cannot create vector files.

Create a Drawing from scratch has a minimum charge of £50.
All dimensions of the drawing must be provided and labelled clearly in millimetres (mm)

Trace Service starting at £30.
Send us any drawings/designs you have of your project. This service is for images originally from vector files
which we can accurately trace.
All dimensions of the drawing to be supplied in millimetres (mm).

Image Engraving

For image engraving please send us a jpeg of the image. The jpeg should be at least 300 dpi or as high a
resolution as you can get. We will engrave any image but if it is not 300 dpi then image engraving quality may suffer.

Rotary Service

Engrave on cylindrical objects with our rotary machine. If you require a rotary service for a project get in touch
and tell us what you are planning to do.