Our Supply

Supplied by customer only

Thickness (mm)

Varying thickness

Sheet Sizes (mm)

Any size up to 1300 wide

Cut Edge

Dependant on thickness of Fabric

Kerf (mm)


About laser cut Felt

Cut edge

The cut edge will usually be a darker tone of the felt, usually with a brown/ yellow tone.
The thicker the felt the darker the edge. The heat of the laser seals the edge and helps prevent fraying.

Laser cutting

Like most other natural materials, Felt marks slightly around the cut edge.

Laser engraving

Engraving on felt tends to produce a burnt
brown / yellow tones.
See images for examples.

Vector engraving

Vector engraving/cutting is recommended for line and text as it will not lose resolution.
If you do not have the software to create what you need sufficiently; get in touch and we will help.

Raster engraving

Raster engraving is calculated through pixels. We recommend that you get the highest resolution image you can for the best results.